Saturday, April 17, 2010

French Cooking Flop

A short while ago I had my first real flop since we started this blog. I tried to make a souffle. Because of this experience I decided that there are to many steps in French cooking for which I do not have the patience.

First off it was a layered souffle and therefore had many parts to assemble before placing it in the oven. I thought I could prepare the layers simultaneously. That didn't work so well. I couldn't get my egg whites to stiffen up and burnt the mix slowly cooking on the stove. Finally it was all assembled. It looked kinda sad going in and, as it cooked, didn't improve in appearance. The oven door was opened for a peek (letting out hot air and deflating the already flat souffle) and yet nothing seemed to get better.

Needless to say it came out looking rather sad and flat :(

Lol, reminded me of the Audry Hepburn movie Sabrina. "To flat" "To high" "Much to low"

It will be a while till I try souffle again.


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