Thursday, September 2, 2010

Simple Pleasures, Garlic-y Beans and Marinated Mushrooms

Here are two recipes that I absolutely love! They are both so simple but dress up a dinner so nicely.  Both are adjusted as you like it :)

Garlic-y Beans

Green Beans
Garlic (minced)
Parmesan Cheese (grated)

Steam green beans first. Melt a couple of Tablespoons of butter in a pan. Add beans and garlic and saute for a few minutes. When hot sprinkle well with parmesan and serve.

Marinated Mushrooms

Montreal Steak seasoning

Saute Mushrooms in butter till nice and brown. Sprinkle with Montreal and serve.

Wonderful flavor in both dishes. Adjust the ingredients as you like them. Delicious, quick, and yet still feels like a gourmet side!

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